Farm Drainage

Modern Equipment


With a 2018 Inter-Drain Tile Plow, equipped with state of the art GPS, we are ready to complete any job large or small. 

50+ years of Experience


With 50+ years experience in the drainage industry, we are qualified and equipped to help you maximize your yield potential.  Pictured is our founder, Keith Frieden, on our first tiling machine.  

Quality of Installation


Quality is our highest priority when it comes to tile installation.  We strive to ensure that we do not sacrifice quality for speed of production.  

Machine Mounted Tile Reels


We utilize machine mounted tile reels to cut down on compaction due to multiple passes in the field, and to keep overhead and labor costs to a minimum. 

High Quality Materials


With our years of experience we have seen a lot and learned that all things are not created equal.  That being said, we only use the highest quality materials from reputable suppliers.  The quality far outweighs the initial cost. 

In House Design and Mapping


All of our design and mapping is done in house. This ensures the job will be engineered to fit the land, not designed by an off-site third party.