2018 Inter-Drain 2050


With this tile plow, we are able to install 3" up to 15" tile at a depth of up to 7' using state of the art GPS controlled grading installation, which ensures tile placement accuracy within millimeters.

2012 Komatsu D65


This D7 class dozer is large enough to handle heavy work, but with its 6-way blade, finishes like a small dozer. Suited for any type of work including site prep, water ways, dry dams and much more.  

Case CX240


We use the CX240 for basement excavation, clearing and piling brush, installing large diameter pipe, demolition, and much more. 

Case 9040 Long Reach


The Case 9040 can reach up to 60 feet and is commonly used for silt removal from ponds, drainage ditches, harbors, creeks and rivers.  

John Deere 35C Mini Excavator


This excavator works great in those tight places where hand labor isn't cost effective.